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Why Us?


It is a fact that whilst most of us understand the need to insure our car, our house and our travel arrangements to their full value, not all of us take quite as much consideration to our health and to our employment. However, given that our mortgage is often one of our biggest outgoings, it is critical that we give thought to what would happen if our circumstances change. So,

What is Mortgage Life Assurance?

What is Critical Illness Cover?

What is Income Protection?

It's not always easy to know how much protection you need, or for how long you will need it, especially if you are new to the market, perhaps as a first time buyer. So why not answer a few simple questions here, and we'll give you an accurate indication of what cover you will need and how much it will cost you. Just click on:

Then you can then call, or email us, or we can contact you, and guide you through it in more detail:


Or for more information on these and other related Insurances call us now on 0800 080 7653

But just how much cover do I need, and what will it cost?

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